Code of Conduct

Bank of Greece, in the context of the establishment of a permanent mechanism for the settlement of unpaid private debt, in pursuance of Law 4224/2013, issued the Code of Conduct for the management of non-performing private debts. The Code was revised in July 2016 (Government Gazette B ‘2376 / 02-08-2016) of the Bank of Greece Credit and Insurance Committee’s decision. (195/1 / 29.7.2016). This Code has been drafted on the basis of best international practice and describes the steps, timelines and minimum information that banks and borrowers must provide each other to properly assess the risks and repayment capacity of each borrower and seek to find more appropriate for this case of settlement solution.

In this context, Eurasia Investment Bank applies all the principles of the Code of Conduct to handle borrowers facing financial difficulties for all borrowers who have been late and where applicable to their guarantors.